Lorretta Marie Zinsmeyer1

F, #4718
Last Edited=13 Sep 2014
4th cousin of Steven Harn Redman
4th great-granddaughter of John Hearn
Descendant Chart for John Hearn
     Lorretta Marie Zinsmeyer is the daughter of Ernest H. Zinsmeyer and Estrella Harn Booher.1


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Anna Zoch1

F, #4692
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     Anna Zoch married Jacob Kriz.1
     Her married name was Kriz.1

Child of Anna Zoch and Jacob Kriz


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Helen Zwiefelhofer1

F, #6264
Last Edited=19 Jul 2009
     Helen Zwiefelhofer married Joseph F. Tichey.1
     Her married name was Tichey.1

Children of Helen Zwiefelhofer and Joseph F. Tichey


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