link text Ancestors and Family of Steven Harn Redman - Acknowledgements

IIn June 1977, I spent two weeks at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. During that time, I discovered the microfilmed family group sheets that B. Esther Harn had submitted; based partially upon an old manuscript of Ellen Dorcas Harn and Esther's own research. This provided a treasure trove of information on the Harn/Hearne family. After fruitless attempts at trying to locate Esther, I hired an investigator around 1983. He was able to locate the remarried Esther McCulley. Over the years we had continued to correspond, and share a great deal of information, before Esther died in 2016.

Have corresponded extensively with Ann (Kranz) Kurth, who was also researching the McCarthy lines. Ann came up with a good deal of new information.

Corresponded extensively with Mildred (Toland) Harn on the Harn family in Pennsylvania, before she died in 2005.

John Peter Harn and LouAnn Harn Cameron performed a great deal of research between 2011-2013. In October 2013, they produced a 64-page booklet documenting the children of John Hearn and Dorcas DAVIS of Frederick, Co. Maryland.

The book, David Purdy Family by Paul B. Purdy provided a great deal assistance on the Purdy and Hoogland lines. I was fortunate enough to correspond with his wife, Lila S. Purdy in the 1970s.

Received a great deal of new information on the newer branches of the Nestaval lines from Jerry E. Nestaval, Kirk Z. Nestaval, Hal J. Nestaval, and Jamie Nestaval.

In 2007, I was contacted by Clayton Purdy about my website.  Clay has written several books on the Purdy family and has provided me with numerous updates.  As my limited free-time allows, I am updating my website with information from Clay, his books and CD put together by Alec Purdy (that is based on information in Clay's books and his latest research effort).

Several close and distant 4th and 5th cousins provided numerous updates to the many old and new family lines.