After working on my family history on and off again since 1973; this is my attempt to web-enable my research. I am using the program "The Master Genealogist" (TMG) by Wholly Genes Software to maintain my family history data and John Cardinal's "Second Site" program to create the web pages. Wholly Genes closed down in 2014, and have been looking at alternatives.

Around 2022, I added links from the Main Page, to pages that had List of Persons that served in particular wars from 1775-2011. Getting that information primarily from obituaries and some gravestones. Also, for those persons with military service, have a small icon of a helmet to the left of their name.

This website tries to document the descendants of the following main family lines and handful of collateral lines; also records some of the family of my wife, Terri (Struck) Redman and of my step-father, Harold Redman.

John Hearn (1735-1819),
Jacob Ruple/Rupel (1735-1797),
Henry Perkins (1555-1609),
Francis (1) Purdy (1616-1658),
Dirck Hoogland(1637-1722),
Jeremiah McCarthy (1787-1882),
William McGinnis (1831-1918),
Frank Sklenar (1828-1904),
Matej Nestaval (1775-1841),

George David Struck (1824-1911),
Jose Tranquilino Trujillo (1846-?),
Emanuel Warfel (1796-1873),
Henry Weidman,(1830-1917)
John H. Walker (1755-1835).

Daniel Redman (b- 1774-1861),
William Fellows (1811-1889),
William Richards (1857-1918),
Anthony Andrews (1831-1911)

Over the years, I have corresponded with many near and distant relatives in the search of the elusive name, date or place. Looking for even the minor additions and corrections.

In the last few years the amount of genealogy research that has been made available on the Internet has grown dramatically. You are now able to locate some vital records, obituaries, census images and so much more on the Internet. With tools provided by such sites as, you able to search a census name index and then go directly to an image of the census page. This has provided a boom to my research, on numerous persons that I thought were at a dead-end.

One new tool being looked at in the field of genealogy, is the use of DNA to try and verify common ancestors. I have DNA test results from, and With FamilyTreeDNA had the Y-Chromosome 700-marker test (paternal) and the mtDNA test(maternal) and FamilyFinder. With had the Y-Chromosone 46-marker test (paternal). On FamilyTreeDNA, I belong to multiple projects: Perkins, Purdy, Heron, Maryland DNA, Czech and McGinnis. On, I belong to the Harn Group.

My DNA Ethnicity Estimate provided following breakdown:
Scotland 34%,
England, & Northwestern Europe 17%,
Eastern Europe & Russia 15%,
Ireland (Munster, Ireland) 15%,
Wales 10%,
Sweden & Denmark 5%,
Norway 3%,
Baltics 1%, DNA Ethnic makeup provided following breakdown:
Irish, Scottish and Walsh 58.5%,
Baltic 14.7%,
Balkan 14.5 %,
English 7.3%
East European 2.8%
Ashkenazi Jewish 0.8%
West Asian 1.4%

My DNA Ethnic makeup provided following breakdown:
Ireland 52%,
Central Europe 25%,
Eastern Europe - Magyar 19%,
Baltic 5%,
Y-DNA Confirmed Haplogroup is R-P25
mtDNA Haplogroup is H6a1a

As this is still a work in-progress, I know there may be some errors in the data, and I take full responsibility for that. If you detect an error or missing data, please let me know.

Depending on what site you are viewing this on, not all of the data is available. Specifically, birth information for all living and probable living persons are excluded from any data that is presented on a public web site.



There are multiple ways to locate a person on this website. 

From the main menu of each webpage, is a link called "***Website Search Form', when selected will display a form to search by person or dates. There is also a link on the bottom of the homepage, for using the 'Freefind' search engine; which can search the entire website.

To find the page for a particular family member, you can either click on the "Surnames" or "Index" button at the top of this page. If you click on "Charts", you can select some pre-built descendant and pedigree charts. If you click on "Places", will bring up a place name index.

In the Master Place Index (Places), when click on a location, it will bring up another page, by clicking the the 'G', will bring up Google Maps with that location specified. This is not exact, and is an area that I need to work on.

In the Name Index, the portrait icon preceding a name tells you that the page for this person has an image, usually a photograph.

On the page for an individual person you may see one or more of the following icons, click on it to see or hear:

A photograph or image. Almost all of these are JPEG files.
A photograph or image. Almost all of these are JPEG or TIFF files.
A Document. These will be HTML or text files.
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These are audio files.

Each numbered footnote at the bottom of a person page is a short citation of a source of information. Each footnote has a link to the full citation, shown as [S125] etc. Some of the full citations are followed by an icon which is a link to an image, text or audio exhibit with useful and interesting information related to the source. Be sure to follow these links to see or hear the source exhibits.