There are multiple ways to locate a person on this website. 

From the main menu of each webpage, is a link called "***Website Search Form', when selected will display a form to search by person or dates. There is also a link on the bottom of the homepage, for using the 'Freefind' search engine; which can search the entire website.

To find the page for a particular family member, you can either click on the "Surnames" or "Index" button at the top of this page. If you click on "Charts", you can select some pre-built descendant and pedigree charts. If you click on "Places", will bring up a place name index.

In the Master Place Index (Places), when click on a location, it will bring up another page, by clicking the the 'G', will bring up Google Maps with that location specified. This is not exact, and is an area that I need to work on.

In the Name Index, the portrait icon preceding a name tells you that the page for this person has an image, usually a photograph.

On the page for an individual person you may see one or more of the following icons, click on it to see or hear:

A photograph or image. Almost all of these are JPEG files.
A photograph or image. Almost all of these are JPEG or TIFF files.
A Document. These will be HTML or text files.
These are Adobe PDF files, viewable with the free Adobe Reader.
These are audio files.

Each numbered footnote at the bottom of a person page is a short citation of a source of information. Each footnote has a link to the full citation, shown as [S125] etc. Some of the full citations are followed by an icon which is a link to an image, text or audio exhibit with useful and interesting information related to the source. Be sure to follow these links to see or hear the source exhibits.